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Why EMNANA Shirt?

Why EMNANA Shirt?

We would like to cite simply as follows:

  1. 1. EMNANA uses the top quality fabrics for shirt manufacturing. In the description of each product, you can see the yarn number used for the fabric.
    • • A fabric made of 100% cotton may cost 1 Euro per meter, and this may go up to 15 per meter. The statement “100% cotton” is insufficient for identifying the quality of the fabric.
    • • The price of the yarn increases as the yarn gets thinner. As the yarn number increases, the yarn gets finer and thinner. Cost of a 100% cotton fabric made of No 30 or No 50 yarn is in the order of 1 to 3 Euros, while the cost of a 100% cotton fabric made of No 120 – No 140 yarn is 10 to 15 Euros.
  2. 2. EMNANA only uses fabrics made of natural materials cotton, linen and silk, and never uses synthetic fibers such as polyester etc. in its products.
  3. 3. EMNANA neck sizes start from 38 centimeters, and extend up to 46 centimeters with increases of 1 centimeter steps. In this way, EMNANA makes sure that its clients find the most appropriate size for them by choosing among 9 different neck sizes. Most companies under the influence of commercial concerns, however, use the commercial size chart which combines two neck sizes.
  4. EMNANA Size chart   38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
    Commercial Size chart S M L XL XXL
  5. 5. For the same neck size, EMNANA offers three types of fits as follows:
    • Slim Fit
    • Regular Fit
    • Comfort Fit
  6. At EMNANA, you have the right to return your purchase without any explanation. Since the products are sold through internet, you don’t have to decide in a limited time at the store. You can make your selection at home or at the office, after seeking your family’s or your friends’ advice.
  7. EMNANA never compromises on sewing quality. You can measure the dimensions of the shirt purchased from EMNANA, and you can verify that you bought a product which passed quality control checks by comparing with the measures given on the size chart on our website.
  8. EMNANA offers a very broad range of products encompassing different collars, patterns, colors, non-iron, wrinkle-free selections, which you can see at few other brands.
  9. EMNANA mostly uses shell buttons on its shirts.

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